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Alexta. Retail and Whole sale Arabica coffee: Chiang rai Bus Station

Alexta. Single origin premium grade Arabica coffee from Doi Mae Chan Tai. Chiang Rai Province.




Every care is taken throughout the process to ensure our coffee is of the optimum quality.
From selection, through growing, through storage and through continual observation at every stage.

Contact: www.alextacoffee.com 0821966181 Alexta_coffee@hotmail.com
Open hour: 8.30 am – 4.00 pm
Single origin from Doi Mae Chan Tai, Chiangrai province. Premium grade Arabica coffee Thailand.

Coffee from alexta are premium grade fresh coffee that naturally grow on the mountains of doi panaselee Maejantai in thailand.

Our secret is that we care for every detail in the process, from selecting best quality local coffee, observation, storaging until manufacturing coffee.

With selectively process, we commit to deliver high quality coffee to ensure that our customers will get the value they deserve from our products.

1 kg roasted Arabica beans: 700 baht.
250 grams roasted Arabica beans: 200 baht.
Open 8.30 am to 4.00 pm.
Location: Chiang Rai bus station.