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Chiangrai Ties – Forum

  • New to Chiang Rai?  Have questions about the area?  Want to share a new bit of info?  This is the place.  CRT is the friendly forum for Chiang Rai.  No keyboard warriors; just friendly, intelligent exchanges of information, thoughts and ideas.
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  • Welcome to the forum.  Seriously and genuinely, welcome.  We’re glad you’re here.  The forum became one person better with your arrival.This forum is fairly new but already it has become a comfortable friend in Chiang Rai.  The Forum Providers still have some things to learn.  Some things will change as we grow but we think it will always get better.  We hope to keep the changes subtle and minimal as we grow.  Please be patient.Please learn and enjoy all you can while you’re here and feel free to post so that others may gain from your own experiences and knowledge.  A forum where everyone wants to read and no one wants to post is soon to be a boring forum.  Your participation is needed, wanted, valued and appreciated.  The more you participate, the more of YOU this forum will be to all.  You have a lot to offer and we welcome that.  Participation from folks like you is why Chiang Rai Ties is THE place to go for info about Chiang Rai.  There is no other English language website for Chiang Rai where can you put out some info or ask a question and get the number of readers that CRT does.If you have questions, please search the board before posting the questions.  The answers may be there already.  Also, notice that the forum is categorized for ease of finding info.  Because of this, many questions have been asked here only once and have been answered by informed folks and continue to be updated by the same.  Where to find something, where to stay, what is happening- all of those items have boards with relevant info.  Most questions on forums get asked again and again and get answered again and again.  Save the fellow forum members some time before you ask.  Check first to see if the answer is here.  If it isn’t easily found, then ask away.  New questions are welcome and are usually answered with enthusiasm.

    This forum isn’t a one-way.  It is multi-directional and we ask you to be the same.  If you ask and someone answers, then maybe you can later post about how the answer helped and maybe, even give more info to help others.  Don’t be shy.  If you have some info or experiences that may help others, put it out there.  Being the leader here isn’t an invitation for someone to criticize you; it is an opportunity for you to help many, many readers in the future, perhaps even long after you are gone. Leave your mark here. Be able to say you made Chiang Rai a better place in this small way and if you can, do it every day.

    Have we missed a category or board that should be here?  Let us know.  Did you receive some good info that helped you?  Let the posters know.  Did you find this forum to be a good source of information, fun or companionship?  Let everyone that you see know this forum is here.  Is a thread getting out of hand?  Hit the report button.  Help us to keep this forum the kind of place you would like it to be.

    Stay on topic.  Nobody wants to find a thread about electrical contractors and wade through ten pages of nonsense comments to find the real information that was posted.  Want to engage that poster on a personal level?  Leave the thread, send him/her a personal message (PM) and have that discussion between the two of you.

    This is a friendly forum.  Please help keep it that way.  There are other forums where name calling, personal attacks, foul language, trolling, racism, nationalism, bigotry and other forms of rudeness and attacks are tolerated and even welcome and we encourage all to display such behavior in those forums instead of here.  If what you are typing isn’t something that you would say to a person’s face in public, and feel good about it on your deathbed years later, then it probably shouldn’t be typed here.  If you see that someone has typed something offensive, point it out to them in a nice way, give them the chance to think about it and edit it themselves.  They have 30 minutes to edit the post.  Self, and peer, moderation can go much further and be much more effective than having Forum Moderators getting involved.  Police this forum yourselves; let others know, in a nice way, that you want to keep a clean, helpful, fun forum.  Our Forum Moderators are fair but will hand out warnings if needed and bans if warranted and their say is final.

    What is “trolling” and what are “trolls”?  The first answer is, neither are welcome here.  The second answer is, “trolling”, in this case a verb, is writing something in the forum that is written only to provoke people, possibly with the desired outcome being a fight or argument.  The writer is “trolling” (as in fishing), hoping someone will take the bait.  The third answer is, a “troll”, in this case a noun, is the person who writes to provoke people and instigate trouble.  End result- “trolls” are quickly banned from the forum.  Their whole idea from the beginning is to cause trouble.  Trolls have no need of warnings and this forum has no tolerance for them.  The ban for that person will be in effect immediately, will be permanent and the forum will be a better place.

    To the good people of Chiang Rai, present and future, welcome to the Chiang Rai Ties Forum.  This is your forum, your place to succeed, to learn, to share, to have fun and to help others do the same.  Thank you for spending time with us.