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Promotion for 2016: Exclusive to Kay Estate

Virtually every house we build and have built is different, we usually start with one of our basic designs which we change to what the customer likes. That is of course the easiest way to get your dream home. Occasionally, a customer with a sketch of his or her wishes are transformed into a design and after mutual agreement its used to create a basis for construction drawings and specifications.

Promotion A: 2,999,000 Baht 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 176 Sqm.

“Love, family and a home are basics in everyone’s life. A home is your private safe comfort zone from where all your life activities starts. Some developers and contractors are just building houses, which is only a collection of concrete, stones and tiles. You need much more to call it your home. “Baan Melanie” understands your needs. We are building Homes!”

–Willem van der Vloet

Promotion B: 3,485,000 Baht 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 195 Sqm.

“Nothing will be strong when the foundation of it is not solid. A marriage, a car, a company, trading, bridges and indeed… A house too. Therefore “Baan Melanie” pays extra attention to a solid foundation, build on piles, under each of their homes.”

–Willem van der Vloet

Promotion C: 4,399,000 Baht 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 284 Sqm.

“To feel comfortable in your home in the Northern tropics, it needs a good ventilation, avoidance of heat traps and fast heat escape routes after sunset. Insulation and air-conditioning comes secondly. “Baan Melanie” uses special construction techniques to keep your house cool and dry the natural way.”

–Willem van der Vloet

Promotion D: 5,990,000 Baht 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 238 Sqm.

“During the 2014 Mae Lao Earthquake of ChiangRai, there was no damage at all to all houses and swimming pools in “Baan Melanie” project. An insurance company praised that “Baan Melanie” had build for residing in a light to moderate earthquake zone.”

–Willem van der Vloet

Promotion E: 12,699,000 Baht 4 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 437 Sqm.


“Some developments or contractors may cut corners to get a house built the cheapest way to offer you something which fits within your budget. This makes you feel happy in the beginning. But later you experience that a carefree living, low maintenance cost and a safe homey feeling is much more important. “Baan Melanie” offers design assistance and refuse to cut corners.”

–Willem van der Vloet

The prices shown for Baan Melanie land plots and houses on Kay Estate are identical to those charged by Baan Melanie themselves. 

The promotions shown on Kay Estate are exclusive and unavailable elsewhere – even directly from Baan Melanie.