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What is Baan Melanie?

Baan Melanie is an established and expanding upmarket housing compound located in a beautiful, natural setting within quick and easy access to the city centre, Central Plaza, Chiang Rai airport and Santiburi golf course.

  About Baan Melanie Developer: Willem van der Vloet

He is a Dutchman, long ago married with a Thai and relatively soon after that they went to live in Thailand. Obviously he has been trained in Thai language. Through the many years he lives here with his family, he also begun very well to know the customs of the Thai people. Now, many years later, he still lives and work in northern Thailand. Together with his wife, they develop for more than 15 years, beautiful and affordable homes in a natural set residential area near the city of ChiangRai for everyone who wants to live here. Except for the climate, which is in the north more pleasant than in the central, east and south, there are plenty of reasons to live here in northern Thailand. Life here is so much more enjoyable and easy going. The culture is rich and people are friendly. Not less important, life is a lot cheaper. Thai medical care has high standards and the Thai tax climate is very pleasant as well, especially for the older ones among us.

 With its own meandering public roads and waterways Baan Melanie provides a tranquil, safe environment that has already proven to be popular with both foreigners and Thais.

Over 60 plots and houses have so far been sold and constructed and a friendly and social community is now well established.

Unlike many other developments not all of the houses at Baan Melanie are of the same style and appearance so a drive or walk through the compound offers a pleasant surprise around each corner or bend.

“There is an English phrase – “Your home is your castle.” There may be chaos outside, but at least in your home and in your bed you can feel safe. “Baan Melanie” is very much focused to offer safety and tranquility and friendship at the project and designs every house to your desires in order to create your caste.”  

–Willem van der Vloet

The prices shown for Baan Melanie land plots and houses on Kay Estate are identical to those charged by Baan Melanie themselves. 

The promotions shown on Kay Estate are exclusive and unavailable elsewhere – even directly from Baan Melanie.